Have you ever asked yourself why Goodwill Vows was formed?

There are many reasons for the launch of this platform, but the main five are:

i. to make philanthropy interdependent

ii. to create a platform where you can support causes and organisations you care about

iii. to allow the ordinary man show generosity to others

iv. to share kindness by doing something good for another when something good happens to you

v. allow us all contribute in making the world a better place.

We believe that everyone has the power to make the world better, no matter how rich or poor. There is always a way to support good projects and initiatives close to you, and Goodwill Vows was designed to promote the give back culture, with promises of donations when something good happens to you.

YOU can make a Goodwill Vow by simply filling a short online form describing the Vow and Conditional event. https://goodwill.unitedpeople.global/?frm_page=3

Making a Goodwill Vow brings you many benefits too:

i. Makes you accountable (power of the written word)

ii. it helps cultivate the act of philanthropy and generosity (give in little and you will give in plenty)

iii. helps you share your joy or good news with others

iv. makes you a part of the solution, in making the world better

Make a Vow today and Support an Organisation or Cause that makes the World Better