How It Works

The Goodwill Vows Initiative is a platform that connects you to your favorite non-profit organisations.

There are only 4 steps in this process.

1. Identify yourself or your organisation

2. Choose among more than 100 non-profit Beneficiary Organisations from the list or
register one yourself in the Goodwill Vow form by selecting option “Other” and indicating the organisation’s country and URL.

3. Describe the details of your Goodwill Vow, fill in a conditional event or a deadline.

4. When the conditional event or the deadline is accomplished, honour your Goodwill Vow.

Upon validation of the Goodwill Vow, you will earn a badge that shows others that you are part of the movement to build a better future.
The Goodwill Vows team is responsible for receiving and validating your Goodwill Vow.

The updated badge level will be granted once you honour your Goodwill Vow by completing the donation to
your designated Beneficiary Organisation and sending the proof to the Goodwill Vows Team (

Goodwill Vows does not receive or process any financial transactions.

Our focus is on promoting ways for non-profit organisations to improve forecasts of potential donations
by publicly tracking the vows made by interested donors.

All Goodwill Vows are FREE to register and Goodwill Vows team doesn’t charge or
receive any money from the vowers or Beneficiary Organisations.

Transparency & Validation

Our aim is to create a transparent and interdependent way for donors to make future commitments with beneficiary organisations worldwide.

The vow curation and badge distribution process contains multiple checkpoints. There is a two factor validation for each step, ensuring a high level of confidence in the vows made.

The Flow
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Tell Us About You