Our Badges are issued and updated for every stage of the vow, including:

Goodwill Vow Made: issued when the Goodwill Vow is registered and validated

Goodwill Vow Due: issued once the conditional factor, if any, is fulfilled

Goodwill Vow Honoured: issued once the donation listed in the Goodwill Vow is paid to the charity

Goodwill Vow Honored with Distinction: issued when the donation paid to the charity is a larger amount than listed in the Goodwill Vow

Goodwill Vow Dismissed: issued if the conditional factor, if any, is not fulfilled

Vow Broken: issued if the conditional factor, if any, is fulfilled and the Vower does not send the donation to the charity listed in the Goodwill Vow

A Goodwill Vow is a future commitment to donate to a charitable organisation or initiative.

Any person or organisation can make a Goodwill Vow.

Goodwill Vows is an initiative that aims to promote the habit of supporting charities through future commitments. The idea is that when someone vows to help a charity in the future, they will stay engaged with that charity. Additionally, their Goodwill Vow will encourage other people to donate to their favorite charities and this creates momentum for philanthropy.

By making a Goodwill Vow you will receive a registered badge that can be used anywhere you desire, including across social media platforms, to demonstrate your commitment.

The Goodwill Vows Badges are public and can be tracked at our website by anyone.

You are welcome to make as many Goodwill Vows as you wish.

You can also register a Goodwill Vow simultaneously to different organisations, with different causes or different conditions.

It is possible to register a Goodwill Vow to any charity or non-profit organisation in the world. You can choose one of the organisations listed on Goodwill Vows or you are welcome to register your favorite charity on the Form if you do not currently see it listed.

Yes, it is possible to designate up to 3 different beneficiary organisations for each Goodwill Vow. You can click the “Add Beneficiary” button in the form to add a second or a third beneficiary organisation in your Goodwill Vow.

All Goodwill Vows registered are analysed by curators who are responsible for checking if the information listed for the beneficiary organisation is accurate and if any conditional factors are feasible before validating and publishing the Goodwill Vows.

The timeline depends on the complexity of the Goodwill Vow, but it will generally take between 1 to 7 working days before a Goodwill Vow is validated. Once it is validated and published, the Vower receives an email with the Goodwill Vow information.

If your conditional event does not occur, then you should not worry: Just let our team know about it and your Goodwill Vow will be dismissed.

However, you are still welcome to meet your Goodwill Vow or to make a different one.

You will receive communication by email when your Goodwill Vow’s deadline is approaching. At that point, you are encouraged to reply whether you were able to meet the Goodwill Vow.

Once you have sent proof of compliance (a donation receipt for example) then your Badge will be updated.

You are welcome to register a Goodwill Vow to any charity in the world. If you are choosing a charity that is not currently on our website, please include the charity’s website so we can include them in the future.

The NGOs We Love are some of the many charities that are making the difference around the world. If you would like to have your charity added to the list, please do not hesitate to contact our team!

No, all Goodwill Vows are free to register and Goodwill Vows does not charge or receive any money from Vowers.

All donations are made directly to the beneficiary organisation and Goodwill Vows simply asks for proof of donation before we update the Goodwill Vow Badge.

Goodwill Vows does not receive or process any financial transactions. Our focus is on promoting ways for non-profit organisations to have a fundraising forecast through public tracking of the vows made by interested donors. Donating through platforms might take time and in most cases are charged.

Our goal is to guarantee that the donations will go directly to the beneficiary organisations and for this reason, we included the link to the Beneficiary website in every Goodwill Vow register to facilitate access to the payment options.

Goodwill Vows is a non-profit initiative and relies on the generous funding support from our Partners and Collaborators who believe in our mission. This support enables Goodwill Vows to be free for anyone to register a donation to the charity of their choice.

If you have a question that was not answered here, please email your question to goodwillvows@unitedpeople.global and our team will respond to you as soon as possible.

If we receive multiple questions about a similar topic, we will add that to this FAQ so that it is easily accessed by other people

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