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Goodwill Vows is a platform that enables people and organisations to register a donation, now or in the future, to causes that they care about. The donation can be conditional on an event happening, which could simply be the passage of time or a conditional event that enables the donation.

People young and old, local small businesses, start-ups and Fortune 500 companies – everyone can make a difference in the world by making a Goodwill Vow today.

Goodwill Vows does not receive or handle any of the funds donated, the platform curates and supports the making and honouring of vows. With Goodwill Vows philanthropy is truly about generosity because everyone can make a vow.

About The Initiative

Goodwill Vows is a way for people and organisations to make a vow to support causes they care about throughout their life. It is a challenge for charities to raise money and this Initiative empowers everyone to be able to give back during this time of need.

The Goodwill Vows Initiative democratizes access to the Giving Pledge by enabling people and organisations around the world to make a commitment to philanthropy.

Join the movement and make a vow today!

The Goodwill Vows Initiative is a platform that connects you to your favorite nonprofit organisations.

You can simply make a Goodwill Vow to donate to one of our listed nonprofit Beneficiary Organisations or register a new one directly at the form.

Upon validation of the Goodwill Vow, you will earn a badge that can be shared across social media to show others that you are part of the movement to build a better future.

We will be responsible for receiving, validating, and tracking your vow. Your badge level will increase after you reach different milestones in your Goodwill Vow’s journey. The first badge level is when the conditional event you stated for your Goodwill Vow is fulfilled. The second badge level will be obtained once you honour your Goodwill Vow by completing the donation to your designated beneficiary organisation.

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