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Goodwill Vows is a platform that enables people and organisations to register a donation, now or in the future, to causes that they care about; a donation that is conditional on an event happening.


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What is your personal dream for the near future? Getting a job or promotion? Moving to a new city? Starting a new venture? Welcoming a new member in the family? Successfully launching a project?

No matter if big or small we believe that you should go for it! And we believe that every dream that is spoken has a better chance to be achieved – the power of community supports one’s efforts when it is well intentioned.


“Greater than the deed or the memory of the deed, is the moment of anticipation”.

Prepare yourself, and your network, to celebrate your achievements and your milestones by making a Goodwill Vow! A Goodwill Vow is a clear sign that something good is about to happen.


Goodwill Vows believes that you do not have to be rich to give: you just have to be willing to share what you have, when you have it.

Once your dream is fulfilled, share your success by making a donation to your chosen organisation! A world in which we share good energy and celebrate each other’s success is a better place for everyone.


After fulfilling your Goodwill Vow by completing the promised donation to your chosen organisation, you receive an updated badge that shows the whole world that you are a person of your word!

Goodwill Vows operate on a honour system, and this positive reinforcement is contagious. So however big or small your Goodwill Vow is, you are contributing to making the world a better place.