With the aim to make the world a better place and build a positive future, the Goodwill Vows initiative has dedicated this week to celebrating various youths making an impact in their community. We will be highlighting their contributions in the different society causes and inviting you, to volunteer your time to help and empower young people in your communities by amplifying their voices through your donations to organization that support youth causes and empowerment.

Be part of the change by:

  • Spreading awareness on a Cause you care about
  • Educating yourself on causes that affect youths/ youth empowerment
  • Lending your voice to a cause you care about
  • Raising funds or make a Goodwill Vow to an organisation promoting youth empowerment

On the occasion of the 2023 International Youth day, we want to highlight some young adults who have done incredible things in various sectors:

Greta Thurnbeg is one of the world’s most notable climate activist born in Stockholm, Sweden in January 03 2003. She gained attention when she organized various protests to the Swedish Government, calling for strong climate action, receiving worldwide attention which transformed her efforts into a global movement named Fridays for Fortune that inspired masses of youths to join the cause and raise their voices. She was named in 2019 as Person of the Year by Time Magazine in recognition of her work as a climate change and attended several international debates and summits on climate as speaker.

Marley Dias stated her philanthropy journey at 11 years old, when she realized that most children’s books she saw were not culturally diverse and decided to launch the #1000BlackGirlBooks, a Twitter campaign to collect and donate books that would help Black girls feel seen. With the campaign, she was able to donate more than 9,000 books through the program, and at the 2017 Forbes’ Women Summit, she said of her experience, “I’m working to create a space where it feels easy to include and imagine Black girls and make Black girls like me the main characters of our lives.”

Nicholas Lowinger is a young philanthropist that started a community service drive to donate footwear to children experiencing homelessness. As part of the project, he created the nonprofit Gotta Have Sole that till date has donated over 100,000 shoes to shelters across every state in the United States.

Do you have any Youth/ Young Adult that inspires you or you know who is making a change in their community or the world as a whole? Share with us as we celebrate Youths everywhere making a difference.