Over the years we have seen and heard of actions taken in a bid to promote education and ensure that education is recognized as a basic necessity for all.

The reason for this can be seen in the words of Nelson Mandela:

In this times were various international and non-international armed conflicts are breaking out in various parts of the world, the role education plays to bring about peace cannot be dismissed.

We are glad to celebrate the International Day for Education, with the theme, “Learning for Lasting Peace” understanding the importance of education in building sustainable and resilient societies and contributing to the SDGs.

Education plays an important role in peace and development as we see various activist fighting for basic education for all, with the understanding that education is the tool that can be used to break the cycle of poverty, promote gender equality and bring about economic development.

Education plays the role of creating awareness to the various problems of the world with the aim of proffering solutions through brainstorming and open conversations.

Our willingness to educate and apply ourselves to knowledge makes us ambassadors for change, as either through formal or informal training we have taken the steps to make a difference. You can also be part of others journey towards a positive education.

Make a Goodwill Vow to organisations promoting education and making education available for everyone. Join UPG an organisation making a difference in the world through education, awareness and mentorship.