These past few weeks, I have been on a journey. A journey to discovering ‘how I can live a life of well-being’. With all the happenings around the world, and closely, the reality of my home country and community, saddled with sadness, anxiety, indolence, and confusion. It felt closer than the next breath of air that I needed to be on this journey.

Are you like everyone I have asked on what they want in life at this moment? Then your answer might be ‘To be happy. This post is for you, please join me.

What does the concept of ‘Happiness’ mean to you? For me, the concept of “happiness” is one that easily eludes us because, often, we think of ‘happiness’ as something grandiose when in reality, it’s the miniature actions that we do, that make us happy.

You have what it takes to be happy, however, you MUST first shift your focus from ‘taking’ to ‘giving’. Subliminally, our world is becoming fixated on getting and acquiring and less on giving and philanthropy. Have you ever wondered, why the wealthiest people become more wealthy? *take a moment to think* (please drop your answers in the comment section)

Research has proven that having more awesome stuff like, a good job/thriving business, cars, houses, romantic relationships etc doesn’t make you happier than its initial law of first attraction. How then, can I/We be happy and truly happy?

The most simple way is by being KIND. To be KIND is to be generous with the resources that you have been privileged to have. To be kind is to be respectful, patient and most importantly ‘Compassionate’ (What does kindness mean to you? Please drop your answers in the comment section too)

I personally think being kind is a journey, not a destination to be attained. As long as we breathe, we all can be kind to one another. Also, because often, we are self-centered, we can fall on this journey, however, we all choose to keep moving on this journey of KINDNESS.

This is how to be happy.


If you have what it takes to be kind, you have what it takes to be happy! Don’t restrict your kindness to your funds, but be kind with your time, your skills, your attitude, your voice, your ideas, and other resources you have.

Thank you for reading to this place. There’s a gift I have for you. I believe it’s a gift that helps you start showing kindness or generosity if you haven’t or want to continue.

This gift is called GOODWILL Vows,  a global initiative that allows you to give towards a cause, either once you achieve a goal or meet a target. It focuses on creating a platform to connect Beneficiary organisations and potential donors worldwide. To learn more, visit the link and make your Vow 

Always remember ‘Sans gentillesse, il ne peut y avoir de véritable joi’ translated ‘Without kindness, there can be no true JOY’.

Thank you for reading. Please share your comments and thoughts. I will like to hear from you and promise to read and respond to your comments.

Love and Light💙

This piece was written by Anu Olanrewaju for the GoodWill Vows Initiative

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