According to Oxford Languages Dictionary, Conflict can be defined as, a serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one, while disagreement is, lack of consensus or approval.

As humans have various points of view, disagreement seems inevitable, but where disagreements are allowed to fester, it breeds conflict, which results in dangerous expressions if not correctly managed.

Conflicts can be addressed directly by the parties involved or with the intervention of supervisors or professional mediators.

Conflict resolution aims to ensure that everyone feels heard and respected while negotiating a mutually beneficial solution that everyone involved can accept.

Disagreements can be productive and lead to various innovations or mutually beneficial solutions; this is important to ensure that in any disagreement or conflict, everyone feels heard and respected while negotiating an agreeable solution that all parties involved will accept.

Various Non-governmental organisations offer safe spaces for conflicts to be addressed and resolved. NGOs provide multiple services during a disaster or humanitarian crisis. Some roles that are played by NGOs are:

  • Provide relief materials
  • encourage government involvement
  • encourage community participation
  • provide disaster preparedness through training and awareness
  • providing safe spaces for communication

This year, the world has experienced various conflicts and disasters that have affected many and continue to affect the world as a whole, increasing the number of displaced persons and resulting in loss of lives and property.

As a philanthropist, you can donate to these causes or reputable organisations offering assistance in various humanitarian crises. Still, beyond that, you can lend your voice to speak against conflict and, promote peace and stand in solidarity with affected countries, regions and people.

United People Global has created various safe spaces for conversations on conflicts or disasters. 

A weekly United for Ukraine Session also features an In Solidarity session on conflicts affecting other regions. RSVP here

Through the Goodwill Vows Platform, you can also make financial donations to these organisations that help with disaster relief and conflict resolution to help promote a peaceful and sustainable world.