A Poem written by Nzeh Chika Victoria to commemorate the #UPGThanksgiving 2023 with the Theme, “Grateful Impacts: Five Years of Making the World Better”

The year always begins with hope

Dreams for tomorrow and a way to cope

Plans to conquer, survive and win

Even a little fantasy for a vacation spin

However, nobody remembers to plan a fail

I really worked twice as hard this year

Then came inflation with a handful of drear

I also lost my aunt to the cold hands of death

But the skies were beautiful more times than I could share

And now I think she’s a star now living up there

Sometimes life is a little up and you feel so weightless

Other times it’s a lot more down and you feel much despair

But the thrill is realizing that every waking moment is crucial

That perfection lies in the smiles of those you enthrall

All that life is worth is all you make of each passing moment

What do you see when you look around you?

The smile of your loved ones in the weather, moist or hot

A gentle breeze or the aroma of something sweet

The flowers, sunset or the shape-shifting clouds

All of it is a win for you and a win for me

Tell somebody today that you love them so much

That the year was amazing and you want them for lunch

That you made people laugh and you laughed twice as much

That it felt hard sometimes but you got here still

And you’re grateful to be here with so much to give.

So, as we thank the days, the nights, the years,

I offer this verse, a symphony of cheers

In hopes that you find joy amidst all your fears.

For in healing and hope, in advocacy and peace,

And in gratitude’s embrace, our hearts will find release.